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Vietnamese Language Services /Vietnam Hochiminh City (Saigon)/ offers Vietnamese language interpreting service for the target languages of English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean on a half-day or full-day basis.

All 3 kinds of face-to-face interpretations, namely simultaneous, consecutive and escort interpretation are provided from Danang City servicing business meetings, conferences, training sessions, seminars, judicial proceedings, medical consultation, research survey, visits on a business or personal purpose, etc.


Many Vietnam Hanoi City language interpreters staying in large cities of Vietnam including Hochiminh City (Saigon), Hanoi, Danang are also qualified professionals in law, engineering or business with excellent and current technical knowledge and vocabulary. We take care in selection, preparation and briefing of language interpreters, ensuring that interpreters are suitable and fully-prepared before the assignment.

On-site interpreting forms a nationwide service network across Vietnam with possiblity of further extention to major cities of East Asia.


Scheduling a face-to-face interpretation is easy. However, please allow us a minimum of 5 days notice except emergency cases :


You request a quotation by simply providing us :

 target language

 date and time

 subject matter


vietnamese language service sends you a personalized quotation specifying interpreting service types and payment terms


You make a deposit (in case you accept the quotation) and inform us :

 name and phone number of contact person on site

 necessary reservation of hotel, car, office equipements, if any


 vietnamese language service provides on-site interpreting service

 You pay the remainder (if applicable) ../.





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