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Vietnamese Language Services /vietnamese language service/ also organize Vietnamese language instruction programs in English, French, German, Russian Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean as educational languages. We offer programmes of tuition for individuals or closed groups on a flexible basis at your place to meet your time and budget available.


We adopt a communicative approach to the teaching of Vietnamese as a foreign language. Most of our clients require the language for practical purposes with the emphasis on speaking and listening in everyday business situations using authentic materials, role play and pair work.

However we recognise that clients' Vietnamese language needs differ and our Language Audit enables us to tailor each course both to the particular requirements of the individual or group and to the most effective learning strategy. We believe in combining the highest professional teaching standards with a relaxed informal style.


A high standard tution proposal 'Vietnamese as a Foreign Language' will be obtained upon your request :


You request a proposal by communicating us following elements :

 suggestion of location (Vietnam & some major cities overseas)

 desired number of hours and weekly allocation

 desired amount of individual and group tuition

 materials to be supplied (books, cassettes, videos, etc.)

 actual statement of Vietnamese language levels

 purpose of learning Vietnamese


vietnamese language service sends you a written tution proposal with following information :

 time schedule of the tution program

 syllabus listing

 professional profil of teaching staff(s)

 detailed costing


You sign a contract (in case you accept the proposal)

 vietnamese language service tution program progresses

 You receive an evaluation report at the end of tution  ../.





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