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Do you have a question about Vietnamese language translation or interpretation services of Vietnamese Language Services /vietnamese language service/? Need additional details about document translation or interpretation process?

Read the example questions and answers in this section.


What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

The terms "translator" and "interpreter" refer to members of two different professions. Translators deal with the translation of written materials and translate documents from the source language (the language the document is written in) into another language (called the target language). Interpreters interpret, i.e. translate orally from one language to another.


How long does it take for a document translation?

Each and every translation we do takes a different amount of time depending on our current workload, the language combination and the difficulty of the text. As a general rule, we translate around 1,500 words a day but please allow time for checking and editing where necessary. If you have a tight deadline, please let us know when you ask a quotation, we'll give you an achievable turnaround time with our quotation.


How much notice does your translation company need to provide an interpreter?

Our vietnamese language service can sometimes help with same-day requests for the services of a interpreter for frequently requested language pairs in large cities of Vietnam. However, to ensure that a interpreter is available for you, we suggest you contact us well in advance of the assignment. We also strongly recommend advance planning for international conferences and meetings.


Will your translation company sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement?

Yes, we will. Confidentiality is essential to our clients. Our corporate translation company is open to signing a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement of your choice before examining your documents.


If you do not see your translation or interpretation question answered above, please contact us for more information.  ../.





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